RipTide Krank ShortStreetCone Bushings


Short Street Cone KranK Bushings. Sold as pair with sticker.

Cone shape offer the lowest resistance and stability of the shapes addressed here and can allow your trucks to easily achieve their full lean and turn. 

Street series are dedicated for traditional kingpin trucks.


KranK™ Formula - Performance Under Pressure

Our highest rebound formula to date, KranK is designed specifically to change under pressure and is controlled by the amount of clamp pressure you subject it to when tightening the King Pin nut!  The effective range of control is from barely snug for the loosest feel to 2 full turns for the tightest feel.  KranK will turn the same or less than the same durometer of other brands which is also a departure from APS and WFB.  As for washers, flat washers work great with this compound, but for the greatest control and range of this performance feature, use cupped, precision flat or precision cupped washers.

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