BC24 is shortcut of our current location - Bozego Ciala 24 street, Old Kazimierz district in the heart of Krakow. BC24 was created in December 2014 as a joint effort of three projects: MANIAC, Idea Kix and Galeria Koloru. 

MANIAC is a brand established in 2005 with the founding of the MANIAC Footbag Team in Krakow, Poland, a sports club dealing in training and promoting footbag net (variant of foot volleyball) and footbag freestyle (the professional version of hacky sack or the "Zośka", popular in Poland). Players representing MANIAC have won many World, European and Polish Champion titles in various footbag disciplines, as well as skilfully propagated physical culture and niche competitive sports at many festivals, events, shows and conducting workshops throughout Poland. At the same time, the first online store "MANIACki Sklepik!" Was created. From the beginning, a large part of the profit was allocated to the development of the club and niche sports, and in 2014 the store evolved into a store representing the entire footbag community in Poland, operating under the addresses footbag.pl (currently the address provided by us for the Polish Footbag Association) and footbag.com.pl. Also in 2014, a decision was made to open a stationary store in Krakow focusing an offer of accessories for competitive niche sports in the building of the former Hotel Forum, at Forum Przestrzenie. However, it soon turned out that we needed more space and as early as December 2014, a new location was opened at Bozego Ciala 24 street as BC24, which is simply a shortcut from the current address.

Idea Kix - is one of the first sneakers stores in Krakow, collector's and rare editions of Nike shoes. Created from the beginning by real enthusiasts and collectors, people with authority among experts - not only in Poland. First location in Krakow at  Meiselsa street and an additional place in the building of the former Hotel Forum turned out to be insufficient at some point and the ideal solution turned out to be the combination of the offer at the common address of Bozego Ciala 24. Idea Kix is a solid brand, with a long history and most importantly - from the beginning a stationary store, not another garage e-commerce. The offer is available at ideakix.com.

Galeria Koloru is the third element of BC24, the Krakow branch of the best equipped graffiti store in Poland. You will find here all kinds of sprays, markers, magazines and other accessories related to the culture of graffiti and street art. The offer is available stationary and on www.galeriakoloru.pl

Since the beginning many people called BC24 „place”, not only „shop”. We organized many concerts, exhibitions and sport events. 140m2 is full of urban culture connected with urban and extreme sports, sneakers collectors, streetwear designers, graffiti, street art and comic book artists and of course music - day by day you can meet here producers and DJ’s connected with turntablism movement. You can also buy here some good vinyls and taste delicious and cheap espresso coffee.